Colloquium 2018

This colloquium brings together academics, researchers and aspiring thinkers from across the world to discuss and agree a research agenda in social entrepreneurship for Southern Africa, and potentially the continent. The purpose is to connect academics to each other, to identify research opportunities, and forge partnerships that result in high impact research.


Why is this colloquium important?


Little is known about social entrepreneurship in Southern Africa and more broadly across the continent. But academics, researchers and practitioners here are close to the ground, with excellent networks and a great insight into the research gaps. By connecting and partnering with the international academic community we hope to encourage research into social entrepreneurship that is novel and builds knowledge in our field.


Background to the colloquium

The University of Pretoria and KU Leuven have joined forces to strengthen the academic eco-system for social entrepreneurship in Southern Africa. This four-year project aims to identify and bring together universities and researchers, connecting them to research opportunities and academic partnerships. In this way we strengthen our mutual learning, deepen our understanding of social entrepreneurship in the (Southern) African context and build knowledge and research outputs. The project is led by Profs Filip De Beule from KU Leuven and Alex Antonites from Pretoria, and is supported by Prof. Jeffrey Robinson from Rutgers University. 


Ben Jordaan.jpg

Ben Jordaan

Diane Holt

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Prof. Dr. Filip de Beule photo.jpg

Filip De Beule

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Alex Antonites 

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Alex Bignotti

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Anthony PRANGLEY.jpg

Anthony Wilson-Prangley

CLAEYE Frederik (2).jpg

Frederik Claeyé

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Geraldine Reymenants

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George Wee.jpg

George Sundagar Moses Wee

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Jacob Park

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Jeffrey Robinson

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Kerryn Krige

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Ushe Makambe

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Olabanji Oni

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Pamela Chiba.jpg

Pamela Adhiambo Chebii

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Poppet Pillay

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Rejoice Shumba

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simon Taylor.jpg

Simon Taylor

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Tomislav Rimac

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