What is ANSES?


ANSES (African Network of Social Entrepreneurship Scholars) is an academic network bringing together social entrepreneurship (SE) scholars either based or doing extensive work in Africa. Founded in 2018, it is currently hosted at the University of Pretoria, Department of Business Management, and is led by the following team:

•Prof. Alex Antonites (University of Pretoria): ANSES co-founder

•Prof. Filip De Beule (KU Leuven): ANSES co-founder

•Kerryn Krige (ILO): ANSES co-founder

•Dr Alex Bignotti (University of Pretoria): ANSES director and co-founder

•Mohamed Farhoud (University of Pretoria/Turku): ANSES co-ordinator and co-founder



SE as a scholarly field holds immense potential for Africa, where social challenges are prevalent and whose solution is often neglected by governments and markets alike. Yet, the SE research agenda for the Continent is often fragmented and scholars often operate in isolation. Moreover, research efforts by individuals or small research groups in Africa often suffer from lack of awareness of the ongoing international research conversations on SE, as well as lower standards of academic training and less exposure to funding opportunities compared to some other regions of the world.


Aware of the role played by research in policy making and the improvement of practice, ANSES was founded to create a network where SE scholars operating in Africa can be linked to each other and be exposed to international conversations in the field, as well as to training and funding opportunities. It is our belief that the network will thus facilitate the building of a stronger and more connected SE community in Africa, which will engender higher-impact and better orchestrated research endeavours.


Why join ANSES?


ANSES offers its members the following benefits:

1.Membership in an African scholarly network with the opportunity to develop linkages and collaborations

2.Research and doctoral workshops and other academic training opportunities

3.Exposure to international conferences

4.Exposure to opportunities for research funding

For whom is ANSES?


ANSES is for academics—faculty, researchers, post-docs and PhD students—operating in the field of SE in Africa. As SE is highly interdisciplinary, we also welcome academics from related fields, such as sustainable entrepreneurship, institutional entrepreneurship, community entrepreneurship, hybrid organisations, social impact and the social economy, to name a few. Given nature of the network and the benefits it offers, at this point in time non-academic members are not envisioned.